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Media Center Schedule Policies and Safety

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Voice Levels

LMC Time and Book Checkout


9:05-9:50      Mrs. Sleep 4th Grade                Checkout: Wednesday 11:10-11:20

9:50-10:35    Mrs. Mitchem ASD K                 Checkout: Same Day

10:35-11:20  Ms. Trybus 3rd Grade                Checkout: Wednesday 3:40-3:50

11:20-12:05  Mrs. Currie                                 Checkout: Wednesday  10:30-10:40  

1:55-2:40      Mrs. Burns 2nd Grade               Checkout: Wednesday 11:20-11:30

3:10-3:55      Mrs. Kilpatrick Kindergarten      Checkout: Wednesday  10:50-11:00


11:20-12:05  Mrs. Matthews 1st Grade     Checkout: Wednesday  1:10-1:20

1:55-2:40      Mrs. Halimi 2nd Grade         Checkout: Wednesday  11:30-11:40


9:05-9:50      Mrs. Shelide 4th Grade          Checkout: Wednesday  2:30-2:40

9:50-10:35    Ms. Piasentin ASD K              Checkout: Same Day

10:35-11:20  Mrs. Matties 3rd Grade     Checkout: Wednesday   9:50-10:00   

11:20-12:05  Mrs. Forrester 1stGrade    Checkout: Wednesday  11:50-12:00

2:50-3:35      Mr. Tedesco 2nd Grade     Checkout: Wednesday  1:40-1:50

3:10-3:55     Mrs. Kozan Kindergarten.  Checkout: Wednesday  2:00-2:10


9:05-9:50      Mrs. Cavelier 4th Grade     Checkout: Wednesday 10:40-10:50

9:50-10:35    Ms. Saffiedine Kindergarten  Checkout: Same Day

10:35-11:20  Mrs. Culp 3rd Grade           Checkout: Wednesday 10:00-10:10

11:20-12:05  Mrs. Garbutt 1st Grade       Checkout: Tuesday 3:40-3:50

1:55-2:40      Mrs. Hess 2nd Grade         Checkout: Wednesday 10:20-10:30

3:10-3:55      Mrs. Carty Kindergarten    Checkout: Wednesday 1:20-1:30

Book Checkout and Renewals

All students are allowed to check out two books* from the library during checkout. Students are encouraged to check out at least one “just right book". This helps build vocabulary, fluency, and helps further develop independent reading skills

Books may be kept for two weeks; students will just need to renew them if they would like to keep them longer. All students are encouraged to bring back their books on time so other students may enjoy them. 

*4th graders are allowed to checkout three books.

Overdue Materials

Overdue notices are printed approximately every 2 weeks. If a book is 4 or more weeks overdue, you will receive a notice asking for the book to be returned or given the cost to replace the book. Students are not allowed to check out new materials until they have returned their overdue books. Please make every effort to find books that were checked out (and not yet returned) from your chiild's previous school year if they were at Roosevelt.

LMC Expectations

All students have learned "voice level" expectations in the library.  See our poster to the right on voice level in the LMC. Expectations for our voices during LMC time are:

Outside Voice: This voice is never used in the library.

Strong Speaker Voice: This voice is only used by a person or group reading or presenting to the class.

Table Talk Voice: This is our normal speaking voice and is used during activity time.

6-inch Voice: This voice is used when working with a close neighbor (reading a book together, working in the computer lab).

Whisper Voice: This voice is used when independent work is happening.

Silent: Students are expected to be silent and not talk during instruction and read-aloud.

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