Homework for Math

Homework Monday-FridayMeauring.png

               Third  graders have math homework Monday-Thursday evenings. The math homework is related to the math lesson that we work on in school each day. I do expect each student to do the assignment each night and independently if possible. Parents, PLEASE remove the answers from the beginning of each unit prior to having your child do the assignments. If parental help is needed while working on math homework, simply jot me a little note like, "with parent help" on the assignment. Thanks!
      In addition to this one page of math homework, third graders need to be making a serious effort to memorize addition and subtraction facts ( Sept.-Dec.) and multiplication facts ( Jan.-June) .  Your student should spend five minutes every night memorizing facts not yet known. When they have done this in the past, it has helped them in many ways with all math. I will provide you with several study sheets as your child needs them. If you need more, email me and I will happily send some home.  The BEST way to study facts is WITH the answers,reading the facts out loud seven or more times each . Working hard at school is and should be your students first "job" during the week.

      Please support your child as s/he works at learning, growing and becoming more responsible and independent this year. Thank you SO much for supporting your child's education!