Ms. Werner's Words

Happy Halloween/ Autumn! 

Thank you all so much for attending conferences and our school party last week! It was fantastic to be able to meet with all of you and discuss our children! They have already grown SO much as third graders. This year is a huge growing year and the curriculum rises to meet the educational needs of our “ big kids”. Gone are the days of learning how to read and they are replaced with reading to learn! It is amazing to me how much our kids have already learned this fall. 

Please continue to to read my Friday emails for news about what we are learning and working on in class. Also check out our school calendar and weekly updates from Mr. Green!

This Friday we will celebrate Halloween and welcome Autumn with some special learning activities. Thank you Mrs. Forsyth for helping me get that organized and contacting volunteers. Thank you in advance to all that donated items or gave the gift of time! 

Is is it really almost November?! 

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