Roosevelt Attendance Procedures
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  • State law requires attendance in school. The school district shall report to the appropriate authorities any child who is absent from school in violation of the compulsory attendance law.
  • The school day begins at 8:54 a.m. for grades K-4 with arrival permitted at 8:45 a.m. Students not seated in their classroom will be marked tardy. ASD Kindergarten begins at 8:30 a.m.
  • After an absence, any necessary modifications to the child's school day, such as limited physical activities, must be stated in writing.
  • For extended absences, a doctor's note may be needed. 
  • Absences due to family vacations are discouraged. The student will accept responsibility for work missed when absent.


All absences must be verified.  Parents may either complete an online form or call our attendance hotline to report an absence.  We encourage you to complete the online attendance document to report your child's absence.  The link is listed below.  As mentioned above you may also call the school at 734-744-2775 to report your child's absence.

 Your child's safety is of the greatest concern to us.  In order to confirm that a child is absent with parent knowledge, an automated system will make calls on the day of the absence.  Parents will be able to access student attendance records at any time with the online access available through ParentConnect.


Students who arrive at school after the bell rings(8:54 a.m.must enter school through the front doors and sign-in at the office or the school welcome table. Late students should not enter the school through their grade level doors. We need to know the student has arrived and is in attendance.


A child will be considered "present" for the AM session if in attendance prior to 10:30 a.m.  He/she will be marked "absent" for the AM session if arrival takes place after that time.  For the PM session, a child will be marked "present" if he/she is in attendance until 2:30 p.m.; if a child is taken out of school before that time, he/she will be marked "absent" for the afternoon session.



1.  Please send a note to the teacher if your child will need to leave during the day. The teacher will send your child to the office at the correct time.

2.   A parent must report to the office and sign-out his/her student. The child leaves the office with his/her parent.

3.   No child will be dismissed directly from the class, lunchroom, or the playground to the parent.

4.   If someone other than the parent signs the child out, that person must be listed on the emergency care form or have written permission from the parent before the child will be permitted to leave the building. We may call the parent for verification, or ask to see identification from the adult picking up your child.


1.   When returning to school the same day, the student must stop at the office and sign-in before returning to class.

We appreciate you working with us regarding these attendance procedures.  These procedures are subject to change based on changes in the law and district policy.