Preschool and Fourth Grade students are working together to create a Friendship Zoo!  Fourth graders heard a short talk on "Three Big Questions About Autism," which stressed how to include friends with autism.  Students from Mrs. Burns' and Mrs. Shelide's classes came to help preschoolers create a zoo animal out of paper plates and to also teach a corresponding animal movement. So far we have had tall reaching giraffes, arching walruses, and walking polar bears. We have toucans, hippos and crabs still to come! The preschoolers are also leaving their mark on the zoo sign featured on the bulletin board, printing their name and putting their handprints on the "bricks" being used to create the posts. The fourth graders have been awesome helpers to our preschoolers and friendships are forming at the Friendship Zoo! Thanks to Ms. Jocelyn and Julianna for coordinating.