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     I would like to share a little about myself.  This is my 12th year teaching at Roosevelt Elementary.  I have taught at Grant, Tyler, and Kennedy Elementary as well as 6 years  in the middle school.   I have lived in Livonia for 27 years with my husband and 2 boys. My oldest son  graduated from Saginaw Valley State University and is working as a senior software engineer. My youngest son recently received his undergraduate degree from  Oakland University and is in the Doctorate of now in Oakland's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.  My children both graduated from Franklin High School.     

    I am in Room 30  again this year. Please feel free to contact me whenever you need to share something or have a question.  The best way to reach me is through my email (  I am good about checking for messages several times throughout the day.  I can also be reached by calling 744-2775 and leaving a message. My extension is 30925.( If you have left a message and I have not contact you within a day, please call back.)                  

 Resource Room Schedule                            

     Students who have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) will be able to come to the RCR for support. Most students are either seen inside their general education classroom or come to the RCR for direct instruction.  The students will be given their individual schedules of when they will be attending by the 2nd week of school. During the first week,  students can drop in if needed. However, I encourage most students to stay in the classroom the first week so that they can learn the routines and rules of the classroom.  Please let me know if your child is having issues in his classroom that require him/her to be scheduled into the RCR sooner than the 2nd week.                                       


    Homework is  a difficult thing for many of the students who come to the Resource Room.  It is important that students have a time and a place to do homework each night.  I encourage families to ask their child to read or write even on days no homework is given.  Good study habits are developed early.  Students need to realize that some time should be spent each night studying or completing assigned work. I have included a  page of homework reminders should you need ideas for ways to help your child study.

    If the assigned work  becomes too much or  your student does not understand something, please suggest that your child bring it to the Resource Room the following day.  All of our teachers at Roosevelt understand that additional time and support may be needed for homework completion.



   The Resource Room can always use extra supplies. Please consider donating the following:


*Hand sanitizer  

*Dry erase markers

If you are looking for a place to donate those gently used McDonald's toys, the RCR can always use them to add to our prize box.

Thank you!



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